Abaixo publicitamos a intervenção do Presidente da Associação Portuguesa de Grupos Balint, proferida no 20th International Balint Federation Congress que decorreu em Oxfor este ano de 6 a 10 de Setembro, em que anunciámos a realização do 21th International Balint Federation Congress no Porto, e organizado pela Associação Portuguesa de Grupos Balint.

Em breve na área reservada a sócios (portanto devem estar r4egistados na página da Internet da APGB) desta página, poderão consultar um breve resumo do que ocorreu em Oxford neste 20th International Balint Federation Congress.


Oxford, 10th September 2017

Dear Colleagues.

The Portuguese Balint Association warmly invites you for the 21st International Balint Congress, taking place in Porto, in September 2019.

The Balint movement in Portugal is still very shy, with a humble engagement of Portuguese doctors. In 2017 only six Balint groups have been working regularly in our country, in four cities in the north and centre of Portugal.

We could list different causes, and will be pleased to discuss them with you, but this subject is beyond the scope of this announcement.

Even though we have great expectations of strengthen this movement by organizing the 21st International Balint Congress in the city of Porto, since we believe that it will contribute to raise the awareness of the Portuguese doctors for the importance of the relationship between the doctor and the patient as an essential tool for the diagnostic and therapeutic processes.

We prepared a brief presentation of the city of Porto, an old city in the north of Portugal, with a medieval centre classified as Unesco World Heritage.

It was in Porto, in 1993, that the Portuguese Balint Association was born, so this event will be also a tribute to this wonderful city.

We’ll be welcoming you in Porto, in 2019!
And thank you.

Manuel Mário Sousa, MD.
(The president of the Directive Board of APGB,the Portuguese Balint Association).